Contest Winners

  • Amanda Scanlon, Millsboro

    Betty Hylbert, Greenwood

    Stephen Bernat, Marydel

    John Boback, Milton

    Kenny Kelley, Salisbury

    Carol Wallingford, Salisbury

    Kelly Mortan, Seaford

    Denise Lewis, CAmbridge

    Denise Steele, Seaford

    Marilyn Meagher, Ocean City

  • Congrats to all the ladies that have won Working Woman Wednesdays so far! 

    Julie Thorton - Stockton, MD

    Shawna Fontaine - Westover, MD

    Donna Littleton - Berlin, MD

    Brenda Mister - Hebron, MD

    Cassi Rickards - Millsboro, DE

    Katie Rimel - Berlin, MD

    Jessica Johnson - Seaford, DE

    Nikki Smith - Seaford, DE

    Ashley Landing - Princess Anne, MD

    Regina Brittingham - Deer Point, MD

    Ashley Nicholson - Salisbury, MD


    Congrats to the winners on 102.5 WBOC who won Luke Combs Tickets! They won 'em before they could buy 'em by listening to Petch!

    Barbara Somers - Westover, MD

    Holly Smith - Salisbury, MD

    Jason Daniels - Westover, MD

    Tracy Coleman - Marion Station, MD

    Amber Bell - Preston, MD

  • Congrats to the Coast Country winners who won tickets to Luke Combs before they could buy them!!

    Krystle Grafton - Hurlock, MD

    Wendy Smith - Rehoboth Beach, DE

    Jessica Murray - Delmar, DE

    Thomas Balcerak - Marion Station, MD

    Becky Harris - Seaford, DE

  • Congrats to all the Big listeners going to see Kix!

    James Garner - Lincoln, DE

    Rosemary Seward - Salisbury, MD

    Jerry Linton - Delmar, MD

    Sherry Adkins - Salisbury, MD

    Jeff West - Salisbury, MD


    Congrats to our all of our winners who were caller 7 and picked themselves up a 4-pack to see the Jonas Brothers at CFG Bank Arena! 

    Rachel Streeks - Laurel, DE

    Julie Olson-Vogel  - Hurlock, MD

    Christina Marie Thomas - Federalsburg, MD

    Jordan Rossy - Cambridge, MD

    Diane Vodak - Easton, MD


    Congrats to our listeners who tuned into Petch and were able to score tickets to Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World March 20th at the CFG Bank Arena!!


    Kimberly Mears - Sharptown, MD

    Shelia Bradford - Salisbury, MD

    Victoria Meintzer - Salisbury, MD

    Kelly Johanson - Willards, MD

    Richard Kinder - Crisfield, MD